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82 Views· 25 June 2024

McLaren, 911, Corvette, Lotus, & GR86 – What’s the Price of Driving Fun? | Everyday Driver



Car lovers lust after expensive exotic cars, but do they offer more fun to go with their elevated price? We’ve driven and discussed everything from cheap used sports cars to rare exotics over the years. So we drove five dedicated sports cars at different price levels, back to back, to see if more money really brings more fun. Join us for a unique comparison and tell us which one you’d choose!

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00:00 – 1:28 The Unusual Suspects
1:28 – 2:00 Finding cars and making this possible
2:00 – 11:01 Return of the GR86 ShowCar
11:01 – 20:20 Lotus Elise, the analog era
20:20 – 27:14 Supercar thinking in the C8 Corvette
27:14 – 35:38 Carrera T, The hidden 911
35:38 – 48:53 McLaren Artura, Embracing the Future
48:53 - 50:24 Drag Racing
50:24 – 59:24 Conclusions (skipping to this means you missed a lot)
59:24 – Credits and Outtakes

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