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Microsurgery Assistance Robot Stitching a Corn Kernel | Sony Group


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Witness the remarkable precision and advanced technology of the Microsurgery Assistance Robot as it performs an intricate procedure on a corn kernel. This demonstration highlights the robot's capability to execute delicate tasks that require exceptional accuracy, mimicking the complexity and finesse required in human microsurgery.

### Key Features:

**1. Unmatched Precision:**
- The Microsurgery Assistance Robot is designed to perform tasks with extraordinary precision, capable of manipulating tiny objects and executing complex procedures that human hands alone cannot achieve.

**2. Advanced Technology:**
- Utilizing cutting-edge robotics and control systems, the robot can navigate and operate on minute surfaces with steady, controlled movements, ensuring high accuracy in every stitch.

**3. Realistic Demonstration:**
- Stitching a corn kernel serves as an impressive demonstration of the robot's capabilities, showcasing its potential in medical applications such as suturing tiny blood vessels or nerve fibers in microsurgery.

**4. High-Resolution Visualization:**
- The procedure is monitored and guided by high-resolution cameras and imaging systems that provide detailed views of the operating field, enhancing the robot's accuracy and the surgeon's ability to perform precise maneuvers.

**5. Enhanced Control:**
- Surgeons can control the robot using intuitive interfaces, translating their movements into ultra-fine actions by the robot, significantly reducing the risk of human error.

### Benefits:

**Improved Surgical Outcomes:**
- The robot's precision can lead to better surgical outcomes, minimizing tissue damage and improving recovery times for patients.

**Training and Education:**
- Such demonstrations are invaluable for training and educational purposes, providing surgeons and medical students with insights into the capabilities of advanced surgical robots.

**Innovative Applications:**
- Beyond medical applications, the technology can be adapted for use in various fields requiring high precision, including electronics manufacturing, delicate assembly tasks, and research.

### Conclusion:

The Microsurgery Assistance Robot stitching a corn kernel showcases the future of precision surgery and advanced robotics. This demonstration not only highlights the robot's potential to revolutionize microsurgical procedures but also emphasizes its versatility in performing delicate tasks with unparalleled accuracy. Experience the future of surgical technology and its vast potential to enhance medical outcomes and beyond.

**Explore More:**

Visit our website to learn more about the Microsurgery Assistance Robot and its wide range of applications. View detailed videos of the robot in action, read about the latest advancements in surgical robotics, and discover how this technology can benefit various fields.

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Ready to see how the Microsurgery Assistance Robot can revolutionize precision tasks? Contact us today for more information, demonstrations, and partnership opportunities. Discover the future of microsurgery and advanced robotic technology.


■Microsurgery Assistance Robot - マイクロサージャリーをより身近に

[R&D Activities Web]

This is a demonstration video showing the suturing of a corn kernel with tiny suture needles called 12-0 using a prototype of microsurgery assistance robot. Sony, driven by the desire to make advanced surgeries more accessible to both those performing treatment and those in need of treatment, is advancing research and development of surgical assistance robot technology.

■Microsurgery Assistance Robot - Making Microsurgery Accessible to All

[R&D Activities Web]

Reference : Fernandes, M., Tramontin, D., Pimentel, A., Costa, L., Neto, D., Xavier, D., Bentes, L., & Santos, D. (2022). Low cost and easy acquisition: corn grain in microsurgery training. Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões, 49.

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