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48 Views· 24 June 2024

Living in a Social Credit System



The Social Credit System is a national credit rating and blacklist being developed by the government of the People's Republic of China. Currently the program is only active in China and a few other countries, but who knows how far it will extend.. In this meme video, we. follow wojak in a day of his doomer life, inside of a social credit system. How will he succeed the day? Will he get a deal with a boomer? Will he get punished for seeking contact with a mommy e-thot? Will he get a ride home by Chad in his audi?




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Any feedback on my videos is welcome in the comments! I’m a new kid on the block who likes making doomer, boomer, zoomer etc. memes, and it would be epic if one day I can become as great as Bizonacci, Dustin O’daffer or MillenniaThinker. Your feedback really helps me in improving my meme animations. Also, I'm not affiliated with channels like Zero Budget Stories.

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Music used:
1. Wayne Jones - Brain Trust
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3. Ryan/Jazz loop music - Milk Coffee

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