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CBC News: The National | Ukrainians rebuild, Biolabs disinformation, Bee parasites


April 10, 2022 | Ukrainians are rebuilding and Russian forces are regrouping as the war's front lines move east. An investigative report exposes how a QAnon conspiracy theory about U.S.-funded 'biolabs' in Ukraine morphed into mainstream disinformation. Plus, parasitic mites cause anxiety for Canadian beekeepers.

00:00 The National for April 10, 2022
01:05 Russia troops move east in Ukraine
04:30 Russia appoints new general for the war
05:02 Inside the Ukrainian village of Andriivka
08:18 Pope Francis calls for Easter truce in Ukraine
08:40 Bottlenecks for Ukrainian refugee applicants
11:23 Public health experts urge indoors masks
13:38 Cruise ships return to Canadian waters
16:04 Suspicious Portage la Prairie house fire
16:28 Apple Watch stolen in the mail | Go Public
18:44 Parasitic mites cause anxiety for beekeepers
21:47 Macron, Le Pen headed for run-off vote
24:22 Chales Hamelin wins bronze in final race
24:50 Scottie Scheffler wins 2022 Masters
25:13 Tiger Woods returns to the Masters after crash
27:35 2022 Canadian Screen Award winners
29:13 How the U.S. biolabs myth went mainstream
40:36 People across Ukraine rally to help war effort
43:56 The Moment: 24-hour hockey game


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