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100 Views· 25 June 2024

5 Days in a Lotus Elise - Sacrifices for Greatness | Everyday Driver



The Lotus Elise isn't built for road trips. And Todd once said he would never take his on another driving trip. But the best roads of Utah and Colorado require a road trip, so he packed up his things and his son and put in the miles. Join them to see if it was a bad idea.

00:00 - 1:21 The Idea
1:21 - 6:13 Why a Lotus?
6:13 - 10:07 Maintenance and Sacrifice
10:07 - 12:07 No Fun
12:07 - 13:57 This is why we came!
13:57 - Lessons Learned.

This is a YouTube exclusive long term of Todd's Lotus. More to come.

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