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42 Views· 11 June 2024

Every Goal = 1 FIFA Mobile Pack


Matthew Brandon
710 Subscribers

"Welcome to 'Every Goal = 1 FIFA Mobile Pack in EA FC Mobile'! In this thrilling series, we add an exciting twist to our gameplay: for every goal we score, we get to open one FIFA Mobile pack. Join me as we aim to score as many goals as possible, unlocking packs and discovering new players to strengthen our squad. Can we build the ultimate team through our goals? Let's find out together in EA FC Mobile!

Series Overview:
In this series, each goal we score during a match allows us to open one FIFA Mobile pack. We'll explore the thrill of pack openings, the excitement of discovering new players, and the challenge of integrating them into our team. Expect dynamic gameplay, strategic team building, and a lot of fun as we chase goals and packs.

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