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326 Views· 22 May 2024

I Built the World's smallest V8 Engine


Daniel Chyi
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Dive into the fascinating world of miniature engineering with our latest video, "I Built the World's Smallest V8 Engine." Witness the intricate process of designing, crafting, and assembling a fully functional, tiny V8 engine. Whether you're an engineering enthusiast, a gearhead, or just curious about how engines work, this video is sure to captivate and inspire you.

**Video Highlights:**

- **Introduction to the Project:** Discover the inspiration behind creating the world's smallest V8 engine and the challenges we faced during the build.
- **Design and Planning:** Learn about the detailed planning and precise CAD designs that laid the foundation for this intricate project.
- **Machining the Parts:** Watch the process of machining the tiny engine components, including the block, pistons, crankshaft, and camshaft, using state-of-the-art tools and techniques.
- **Assembly Process:** Follow along as we carefully assemble the miniature V8, ensuring each part fits perfectly and functions smoothly.
- **First Start-Up:** Experience the thrill of the first start-up, where all the hard work comes to life with the roar of a tiny V8.
- **Performance Testing:** Observe the performance tests to see how this small-scale marvel operates under various conditions.

**Engine Specifications:**

- **Displacement:** 28 cc
- **Output:** 4.3 hp
- **RPM Range:** 1,800 - 12,500 RPM
- **Weight:** 2.05 kg
- **Materials:** Aluminum, steel, brass
- **Scale:** 1:12

**Project Details:**

- **Tools and Techniques:** Learn about the specialized tools and machining techniques used to create the miniature components.

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**Conclusion: A Tiny Marvel of Engineering**

Building the world's smallest V8 engine was a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience. This project showcases the precision, creativity, and dedication required to push the boundaries of what's possible in miniature engineering. Whether you're inspired to start your own project or simply enjoy watching the process, we hope this video brings you as much joy as it brought us.

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