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Housing differences in NZ vs USA: Which is better? (2021)


Housing differences between the NZ and USA are big! Property in New Zealand is much more expensive than property in the Midwest. Are the houses built differently? How do they really compare in price and quality?

The NZ property market is going CRAZY right now ?. It seems like every day there's a new story about unsustainable housing prices, bubbles bursting or spiking, as people struggle to get on the property ladder.

But how does it compare to the US? Is the American property market much better?

And how do houses compare in general with those in the States? ?

This week Christi is BACK to chat about all things housing.

0:00 - Property in NZ vs USA
0:50 - Tara & Christi catch-up
4:11 - How does housing compare?
5:25 - Pricing
9:59 - Heating
11:23 - Flooding
14:47 - Garages & interior options
15:56 - Selling point in NZ
17:03 - Density (proximity & spacing)
18:26 - Switches on outlets...
20:46 - Gardens
24:33 - Thanks for watching!

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