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143 Views· 17 June 2024

Solo Van Life Exploring Secret Lake in my Ford F250 Off Road Home



Every so often I get lucky enough to find a hidden lake in the mountains. Let me show you around as I explore a beautiful secret lake in the Sierra in my Ford F250 off road truck camper home.

My truck camper is perfect for getting to overland and off road locations that I couldn't quite reach in my full size hard sided camper. If you want you can check out my first camper that I had in some of my previous van life videos.

Winter is here and before we get too much snow I've been trying to see as many adventure spots as I can! If you're interested in living the van life as well, follow along as I take you with me=)

Two of my favorite things to do in life are to explore nature and drink great coffee, if you like coffee make sure you try my superfood mushroom coffee made with delicious instant coffee and seven super food mushrooms - perfect for adventures!

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