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104 Views· 09 June 2024

I Snuck Icons Into the Champions League


Matthew Brandon
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"Welcome to 'Every Goal = Steal Opponent's Player in EAFC 24'! In this thrilling and strategic series, we take team-building to a whole new level. Every time we score a goal, we get to steal a player from our opponent's team. Can we build an unstoppable squad by outplaying and outsmarting our rivals? Join me as we embark on this exciting football journey filled with high stakes and intense matches.

Series Overview:
In this series, each goal scored earns us the right to choose and steal a player from our opponent's team, gradually strengthening our squad as we progress. We’ll start with a basic team and aim to transform it into a powerhouse by strategically targeting key players from our rivals. Watch as we navigate through matches, make tactical decisions, and celebrate each victory and new addition to our team.

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