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486 Views· 17 March 2024

Most Expensive Model Cars In The World?!



Amalgam Collection is a truly amazing workshop that specialising in some of the most expensive model cars in the world that are so detailed, they essentially resemble pieces of art. Mike revisits their workshop to get up close to their latest grouping of models.

Check out the Amalgam Collection models here: https://www.amalgamcollection.com/

Watch the behind the scenes of this shoot on our second channel: https://youtu.be/c85xr7ssUW4?si=e4V4zDTCkgsRVrrE

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00:00 Welcome to Amalgam Collection
01:05 1:8 scale models
02:12 Mercedes-AMG One
04:50 The massive £30,000 F1 model
06:50 The £40,000 model airplane
09:13 Check out our second YouTube channel
09:47 The most amazing model Spitfire
11:07 How to weather the cars
17:30 Unbelievable model details

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