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Perfect Morning Yoga Class | 20 Mins To Wake Up & Rise To Your Best Anytime!


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Start your day perfectly with this 20 minute morning yoga class.
Rise & shine... Feeling sore, stiff, or in need of a full body & mind realignment?

Roll out your yoga mat and start your day with intention, grace, and reconnection.

This class will bring great benefit to your circulation, flexibility, mobility, and cognitive preparedness to take on the day to come as your best and most optimal self!

Yoga Instructor- Mark Spicoluk

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How To Achieve Your Best Mental & Physical Shape:

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Explore traditional theory, techniques, and styles (with Boho Beautiful variations). Learn how yoga has shaped us into more kind, compassionate, and loving humans. And find out how making yoga a way of life can do the same for you.


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Boho Beautiful is Juliana Spicoluk & Mark Spicoluk

Boho Beautiful Yoga is a yoga fitness lifestyle channel that is creating positive content for your body, mind, and the earth. Yoga, Wanderlust, Fitness, Vegan food, Conscious Living, and Meditation!

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