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69 Views· 07 February 2024

Juicy! Roast Peking Duck Dishes in High-end Duck Restaurant / 一鴨八吃! 高級北京烤鴨餐廳 - Taiwanese Food



Roasted Duck Sales Exceed a Thousand Monthly!

This restaurant offers a total of 8 ways to enjoy duck dishes,
ensuring that no part of the duck goes to waste.

With meticulous preparation by the chef,
the tender and juicy duck meat has attracted a large number of customers.
In addition to the delicious meals, the chef also performs a duck cutting show at the table!

This restaurant is extremely popular,
so if you want to experience their duck dishes,
be sure to make a reservation in advance!

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✨Product in This Video✨
Whole Peking Duck / 烤鴨 (1隻)
$41.32 USD / 1280 NTD

Stir-fried Duck Bones / 醬爆鴨架
$4.84 USD / 150 NTD

Duck Bone Soup with Pickled Cabbage / 酸菜鴨架湯
$6.46 USD / 200 NTD

Shredded Radish Pastry / 蘿蔔絲餅
$1.61 USD / 50 NTD

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