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364 Views· 08 April 2024

RWB Australia Build #14 Stargazer 964 Porsche // Full Build 4K


Daniel Chyi
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Akira Nakai at work to create the second RWB transformation at Street Race Solutions in Queensland, Australia.

This exclusive Porsche 964 build named ‘Stargazer’ has become Nakai’s newest 964 transformation. Featuring one of Nakai-san’s head-turning kits, distinguishable wings and Porsche factory Rubystone Red paintwork, this build is eye-catching from every angle.

A dream car for many, we congratulate @slow_33 on his newest build!

Hosting such an event at Street Race Solutions alongside the RWB team has been like no other and we thank all involved. Subscribe and stay tuned for further builds not to be repeated!


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