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161 Views· 10 July 2024

Inside A Curvy Minimalist’s Home With A Stunning City Views



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Special thanks to the homeowner for letting us tour their lovely home. If you'd like to get connected to their ID for the design of your own home, you can reach out to them via this link: https://0rucbpcyey9.typeform.com/to/b7kFNFps?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=living_in_mHV_DprsVqk. Successful projects get a $500 Stacked Store voucher!

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In this week's episode, we explore a 1,540-square-foot three-bedroom condo located at Evelyn Road. The homeowners sought a balance between social and private spaces, prioritizing a minimal, neat, and spacious design.

Entering from the lift lobby, shoe cabinets line the entrance for convenient storage. The living and dining areas seamlessly merge, illuminated by natural sunlight from the balcony's curved white walls. The homeowners opted for concealed walls, keeping electrical cables and devices hidden for a tidy and spacious feel.

The living area, devoid of a TV console, provides ample room to move around. The large balcony offers a refreshing view of the Singapore skyline and natural ventilation, eliminating the need for artificial cooling. A coffee pantry, strategically placed near the island table, becomes a focal point for the couple's coffee rituals.

Shifting the dining area to the balcony allows for dining with a view, complemented by automated waterproof blinds for weather control and privacy. The kitchen, designed for light cooking, maintains a simple and functional layout, while the service yard is configured for additional space.

The private areas cater to both homeowners' needs. The private room boasts extensive wardrobe storage and workspaces, providing a dedicated space for work and leisure. In the husband's private room, layered platforms around the bay window create a dynamic environment for work, play, and relaxation.

This home's thoughtful design prioritizes functionality and aesthetics, creating a space where beautiful narratives unfold. The homeowners' satisfaction with the design reflects our belief that good design truly enriches life.

As always, special thanks to the homeowners for opening up their home to us.

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