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Colorful Worms Instant Polymer Kit ~ Incredible Science


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Clear Insta Worms lets you create your own rainbow colored polymer worms by just adding a drop of food coloring! Instantly create worms by adding the worm goo to the growing liquid. Chemistry has never been this fun and slimy. This hands-on award winning kit will give you everything you need to make long worms, fat worms, worms bracelets, worm eggs and even color changing worms! Make over 40 feet of slimy instant worms! This is a great introduction to chemistry and polymers as well as linking molecule chains.

Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

Great introduction to chemistry and polymers. Discuss molecules and connected chains.
Learn about polymers, solutions and changing variables.
See the physical reaction and changes. Hypothesize and experiment with the variables to alter the results.

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