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How the Most Expensive Sake in Japan is Brewed | So Expensive Food | Insider Business


Sake has been brewed in Japan for thousands of years. The most expensive kind, made with polished grains of rice, is called junmai daiginjo. One bottle can easily cost over $100. And the more the rice is polished, the more expensive the sake. Niizawa Brewery, in Japan's Miyagi Prefecture, brews sake with rice polished to less than 1% of its original size. The most expensive bottles of this sake cost almost $10,000. We followed a master sake brewer to find out how sake is made and why some bottles can be so expensive.

Intro 0:00
One of Japan’s youngest brewmasters 0:40
Starting work at 5 a.m. 1:22
Rice polishing 2:37
Washing rice 3:45
Steaming rice 5:00
Promoting Nanami to brewmaster 5:48
Sake rice 6:47
Koji mold 8:23
Fermentation 10:06
Tasting sake 12:21
Niizawa brewery history 15:23

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Why 1% Polished Rice Sake Is So Expensive | So Expensive Food | Insider Business

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