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228 Views· 05 July 2024

Every Goal = Add Manchester United Legend


Matthew Brandon
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The video "Every Goal = Add Manchester United Legend in FIFA 23" features an exciting and nostalgic challenge where the creator aims to build a dream team of Manchester United legends by scoring goals. Each goal scored during gameplay allows the creator to add one legendary Manchester United player to their squad in FIFA 23. This concept combines thrilling gameplay with a tribute to some of the greatest players in Manchester United's history.

Here's what viewers can expect in the video:

Introduction: The creator introduces the challenge, explaining the rules and the goal of building a team composed entirely of Manchester United legends. They build anticipation for the exciting gameplay and legendary additions to come.

Initial Team Setup: The video starts with an overview of the initial team, which may consist of lower-rated or less significant players. The creator explains the starting point and how each goal scored will progressively enhance the team with Manchester United legends.

Gameplay Highlights: The core of the video features match footage where the creator strives to score as many goals as possible. Viewers experience the thrill of the matches, with the creator providing live commentary, sharing their strategies, and reacting to key moments.

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