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‣ Sia – Bird Set Free [The Shallows]


Daniel Chyi
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"Bird Set Free" by Sia is a powerful song featured in the soundtrack of the film *The Shallows*. The song's themes of liberation, self-empowerment, and finding one's voice resonate deeply, complementing the movie's narrative of survival and resilience. Here’s a detailed look at the song and its connection to the film.

#### **Song Overview**

**Artist**: Sia
**Album**: *This Is Acting* (2016)
**Genre**: Pop, Indie Pop
**Length**: 4:12
**Release Date**: November 6, 2015

#### **Lyrics and Themes**

**Empowerment and Liberation**:
- The lyrics of "Bird Set Free" focus on overcoming personal struggles and finding the courage to express oneself freely. Lines like "And I don't care if I sing off key, I find myself in my melodies" highlight the theme of embracing one's imperfections and gaining strength from them.

**Resilience and Strength**:
- Sia’s powerful vocals convey a sense of resilience, with the repeated refrain "I sing for love, I sing for me" emphasizing self-acceptance and inner strength. This aligns with the protagonist's journey in *The Shallows*, where Blake Lively's character fights for survival against overwhelming odds.

**Connection to *The Shallows***:
- *The Shallows* is a survival thriller where Nancy, a surfer, finds herself stranded on a rock 200 yards from shore, facing a great white shark. The themes of "Bird Set Free" resonate with Nancy's struggle for survival and her determination to overcome fear and adversity.

#### **Musical Composition**

- The song features a blend of piano, percussion, and layered vocals, creating an anthemic and emotional soundscape that builds throughout the track. The instrumentation supports the song's message of liberation and empowerment.

**Vocal Performance**:
- Sia’s vocal delivery is raw and emotive, capturing the intensity of the song's themes. Her voice soars during the chorus, embodying the feeling of breaking free and finding one's strength.

- Produced by Greg Kurstin, "Bird Set Free" maintains a balance between its polished production and the raw emotional power of Sia's performance. The production enhances the song's impact without overshadowing the lyrics and vocals.

#### **Impact and Reception**

**Critical Acclaim**:
- Critics have praised "Bird Set Free" for its powerful message and Sia’s vocal performance. The song is often highlighted as one of the standout tracks on the *This Is Acting* album.

**Cultural Impact**:
- The song has been used in various contexts beyond *The Shallows*, including television shows and personal empowerment anthems. Its universal message of finding one's voice and strength has resonated with a wide audience.

**Fan Reception**:
- Fans of Sia appreciate the authenticity and emotional depth of "Bird Set Free". The song has become a favorite for many who find inspiration in its lyrics and powerful delivery.

### Conclusion

"Bird Set Free" by Sia is a fitting and impactful inclusion in the soundtrack of *The Shallows*. Its themes of empowerment, liberation, and resilience perfectly complement the film's narrative of survival against the odds. Sia's raw and emotive vocal performance, combined with the song's powerful lyrics and production, make it a standout track that resonates deeply with listeners. Whether within the context of the film or as a standalone piece, "Bird Set Free" continues to inspire and uplift those who listen to it.

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