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Why New Zealand's Golden Kiwis Are So Expensive | So Expensive | Insider Business


Golden kiwis are a pricey kiwi variety known for their yellow flesh and sweet taste. Created by Zespri, New Zealand's kiwifruit cooperative, golden kiwis saved the island nation's local kiwi industry after a disease destroyed most of its kiwi orchards back in 2010. Despite costing nearly twice as much as standard green kiwis, golden kiwis have proven more popular — and more profitable. Zespri's SunGold kiwi strain is so valuable that its sprouts have been smuggled overseas and sold in lots for 60,000 New Zealand dollars. But how can a fruit be under copyright? And what makes this particular kiwi so expensive?

Intro 0:00
Flavor profile 1:23
Harvesting by hand 1:47
Testing samples 2:26
Cross breeding 3:01
Rebuilding New Zealand's kiwi industry 3:20
License to grow 3:53
Evolution of SunGold 4:34
Training vines 5:07
Shipping from New Zealand 8:44
International smuggling controversy 9:53


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Why New Zealand's Golden Kiwis Are So Expensive | So Expensive | Insider Business

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