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5 Things That Make Introverts Incredibly Attractive

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In a previous video, we talked about the things that make introverts attractive. Many of you related to the video, which is why we decided to make a part 2! So what are the reasons why introverts are so attractive? Some people might find introverts attractive because of their quiet, reserved nature, but there's more to this than meets the eye. If you want to go down the rabbit hole, watch this video to find out WHY introverts are attractive!

If you want to watch the previous video 8 Things That Makes Introverts Incredibly Attractive (PART 1) we mentioned earlier, here's the link: https://youtu.be/qKU_GxmxQc0

Writer: Chloe Avenasa
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
Voice Over: Amanda Silvera (www.youtube.com/amandasilvera)
Animator: kebiarts (new animator)
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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