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71 Viewsยท 24 June 2024

From Wagecuck to Crypto Millionaires (Full Wojak Movie)



Welcome in this packed version of the famous series Cobra HODL! I decided to put all the episodes together in order to create a big movie and bring awareness to more people. This video is the full and complete season 1. It's the first wojak movie ever created. Hope you guys enjoy.

The Story
Cobra HODL is a crypto series, that stares Wojak, Zoomer & Mooner in an incredible adventure of martial arts, that focuses on investing cryptocurrencies long term. They will be used to deal with many challenges and events that will shape their understanding and approach of Bitcoin and other coins.

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NFT's releases
I'm going to create one unique NFT per achivements on this channel. Tru the grow of this channel, I want to mark the moments in time by doing digital art running on the blockchain.

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It will be available on Rarible when the treshold is hit.

Thanks for everything and for your fidelity.

Music :
Song: GRร„F - Money
Link: https://youtu.be/zPzTFzS5LdM
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Song: Sport Rock & Workout by Infraction
Link: https://youtu.be/rk9Nizdb9co

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