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Pet Tornado Handheld Pocket Vortex ~ Incredible Science


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Tornadoes are one of nature's most intense and powerful forces. Now you can hold the awesome power of a tornado in your hand! Control and create your own wild tornado by holding the 5 inch tube and spinning it a few times. See many of the classic visual characteristics of the real thing. Watch as the funnel forms and whirls around the tube along a backdrop of a lightning filled sky.

Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

Learn all about weather and tornados with the pocket tornado.
Discuss the factors the cause a tornado to form.
Discuss F1-F5 classifications of wind speed.
Where are there the most tornados in a year, what time of year are they more likely to form? What are the causes and how do people keep safe? Discuss these and many other tornado questions as you learn about this amazing phenomenon of nature.

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