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The Incredible Drinking Bird With A Friend - Incredible Science


Get this Drinking Bird experiment and many others at http://www.incrediblescience.com Find us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/IncredibleScienceToys The Drinking Bird is a science marvel that has been around for ages. This nostalgic classic was originally meant to be a fun toy, but this perpetual drinking bird toy has quickly become a great way to show thermodynamics in action. It transfers heat energy to mechanical energy and the bird can "drink" from the cup for days without stopping! So many scientific principles are packed into this little bird you'll be amazed. See the incredible science facts below. How does a drinking bird work? Here's your answer...When you wet the birds beak with some water, it will evaporate and cool thereby lowering the pressure in its glass head. High pressure from the bottom will rise up and cause the bird to tip and appear to drink from the waiting cup of water. As the bird tips, the liquid returns to the tail and the cycle starts again. Can go for days without stopping! No batteries required! This bird has garnered so many names over the years, Happy Drinking Bird, Drinking Bird, Bobbing Bird, Perpetual Bird etc...so when you get yours at home, please give it a name and don't forget to feed it. Water is all it needs.

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