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215 Views· 03 June 2024

I Gave a PRO Keeper £10 for EVERY Shot he Saves from a Jabulani


Matthew Brandon
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"Welcome to 'I Gave a PRO Keeper £10 for EVERY Shot He Saves from a Jabulani'! In this thrilling series, we’re putting a professional goalkeeper to the ultimate test against one of the most infamous footballs ever made—the Jabulani. Known for its unpredictable flight path, this ball is every keeper’s nightmare. For every shot he saves, he earns £10. Will he rise to the challenge and rack up the cash, or will the Jabulani live up to its reputation? Let’s find out!

Series Overview:
This series is all about testing the skills and reflexes of a top-tier goalkeeper under unique and challenging conditions. The Jabulani ball, notorious for its erratic behavior, will be the star of the show. We’ll explore the characteristics that make the Jabulani so unpredictable, watch our pro keeper in action, and tally up his earnings shot by shot.

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