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4 Views· 09/02/22

Smartphone Brain Scanner


"Holding your brain in the palm of your hand..."

We demonstrate a fully functional smartphone brain scanner consisting of a low-cost 14-channel EEG headset with a wireless connection to a smartphone (Nokia N900), enabling minimally invasive EEG monitoring in naturalistic settings. The smartphone provides a touch-based interface with real-time brain state decoding and 3D reconstruction.

The Smartphone Brain Scanner is developed by Arkadiusz Stopczynski, Carsten Stahlhut, Michael Kai Petersen, Jakob Eg Larsen, and Lars Kai Hansen, DTU Informatics, Cognitive Systems Section.

More information available at: http://milab.imm.dtu.dk/eeg
The project is open source and available at: https://github.com/SmartphoneBrainScanner

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