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The Panorama of House Llandudno | ARCHITECTURE HUNTER

Daniel Chyi
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House Llandudno, located in South Africa, introduces a self-reliant dwelling that harmoniously blends into its natural surroundings, marrying off-the-grid independence with a deep connection to nature. The architectural concept embraces eco-friendly elements and incorporates energy-efficient photovoltaic innovations. The design boasts a seamless overhang that is not only resilient against the Cape storms but also thoughtfully preserves the panoramic vistas. Dive into The Panorama of House Llandudno!

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Project: House Llandudno
Architecture: Bomax Architects
Film curatorship: Architecture Hunter
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Production: Bomax Architects
Direction: Dion Max Walters & Rory Till
Narration: Dion Max Walters, founder Bomax Architects
Model: Mia Walters
Surfer: Joshua Brodie, partner Bomax Architects
Cover image: Paris Brummer

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