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How Jeeps Climb 'Verticals' | Carsplainers | Insider Cars

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YouTube is filled with viral videos of Jeeps scaling vertical rock walls. While most of these vehicles are modified, there's a reason Jeeps are so often the choice of these extreme off-roaders, or rock crawlers. From their unmatched standard features to the number of ways they can be modified, Jeeps are the perfect tool for crawling.

In this video we refer to rock walls as "vertical walls", this is misstated. While the rock walls shown in the video are steep, they are not at a 90 degree angle. Also, at 4:21 we showed a cyclist hill-climbing easier by shifting upward on their rear gear cluster. A cyclist climbing hills would ideally shift downward on the rear gear cluster, and lower on the bicycle's chainrings. Insider regrets the error.

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How Jeeps Climb 'Verticals' | Carsplainers | Insider Cars

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