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Dunedin City Council Building Inspection FAIL: Our New House in New Zealand Failed Inspection


Dunedin City Council Building Inspection FAIL: Our New House in New Zealand Failed Inspection

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New Video FRIDAY!

So after our house was done in November and we moved in there was the final inspection. And we failed. What a lovely Christmas gift from the Dunedin City Council!

Just kidding, they were totally right to fail us, we hadn't gotten around to finishing our bits and pieces! So after we had a little break, we got to work. You can watch our videos where we build the deck between the house and the container here: Part 1: https://youtu.be/alcmQ7_8Z7g
Part 2: https://youtu.be/zeQf0xq-N9U

Otherwise, sit back and watch us go from failures to getting our sign off and finally being done with the Dunedin City Council!

If want to buy these awesome fantail cutouts we used on our entrance railing please check out this website!

*Who are we? A married American couple living in New Zealand

*Did you build your tiny house yourselves? Yes! It took us 9 months and cost 15K. We moved into our tiny house in November 2015

*Why did you move to New Zealand? Cori was getting her Masters and Pat wanted an adventure!

*Where do you live now? We live in Dunedin, New Zealand

*What do you do for work? Cori is an office manager and Pat is a welder/ pipe fitter

*How much does your tiny house weigh? 2.4 tonnes

Follow us on instagram : www.instagram.com/coririanne/

Check out our website: www.southislandtinyhouse.com/

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