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Inside A 1270 Sqft Japanese Modern Home With Fluted Panels



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Update: Error in floorplans, please refer to the following link for revised before and after floorplans: https://bit.ly/inside-a-couple....s-1270-sqft-japanese

Special thanks to the homeowner for letting us tour their lovely home. If you'd like to get connected to their ID for the design of your own home, you can reach out to them via this link:
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In this weekโ€™s episode, we explore a tastefully designed three-bedroom condo on the East Coast. Inspired by modern Japanese design, this 1,270 sqft home is tailored for large family gatherings, with a special focus on the homeowners' passion for cooking.

Starting at the entrance, a long entryway welcomes you, adorned with full-height mirrors for a spacious feel. Fluted panels, extending from the entryway to the living room, conceal storage and add aesthetic charm.

The main highlight is the open kitchen, featuring a six-seater wooden dining set, ideal for hosting friends and family. Synchronised sliding doors separate the kitchen, ensuring practicality during heavy cooking. The kitchen boasts a long caesarstone countertop, ample storage, and discreet compartments for kitchen appliances.

A common bath, with a textured niche and a Sol Luminaire lamp, is tucked behind a sliding door near the kitchen entrance. Fluted panels made from a wood plastic composite conceal storage and an integrated altar.

The living room, furnished with a five-seater L-shaped sofa and a 77-inch mounted TV, offers a stunning sea view. Limewash painted walls and homogeneous tiles create a consistent muted look throughout the space.

Heading down the corridor, a common bedroom, currently a study, showcases limewash-painted walls and loose furniture for future transformation. The master bedroom, designed for tranquility, features lower ceilings and a customised floating platform bed. The master bathroom boasts reeded wall tiles and elegant Hansgrohe fittings.

As always, special thanks to the homeowners for opening up their home to us.

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