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Big Bag of Science Polymer Kit and more ~ Incredible Science


Buy it here: http://www.incrediblescience.c....om/big-bag-of-scienc

The best of Incredible Science activities! More than 70 activities in one giant bag! Make a blizzard of snow with some Insta-Snow® , erupt a 30' soda geyser, find the iron in your breakfast cereal, experiment with a scientific slinky, make a batch of Gravity Goo™, learn why you hate vegetables, make a bloody hand-print, balance six nails on top of one, make a tornado in a tube, make water disappear and and much, much more, with our most popular science experiments.

Become a master mixologist. Learn about chemistry, physics, biology, magnets and more!
Use the re-usable bag for storage and set up your own science lab.

The National Parenting Publications Awards ("NAPPA") says "This breathes excitement into what kids may ordinarily think was "boring science,” and may be the catalyst needed to spark a passion for science that kids didn’t even know was within them."

The Parents' Choice reviewer noted "Even after many hours of fun, our testers were nowhere near exhausting the list of projects."
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