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World’s Busiest Station: Shinjuku Station Tokyo | Giant Hubs | Episode 3 | Free Documentary


Giant Hubs Episode 3: A look behind the scenes of the world’s busiest station: Shinjuku Station!

Five separate train lines, almost three thousand passengers per minute and trains arriving every second. How can the people behind the scenes of the world’s busiest station overcome a traffic load like this every day?

The teams in this Giant Hub need a minute-by-minute precision, a constant control, a military discipline but at the same time always still a smile on their faces for the 3,6 million customers every day.

At 4:30 in the morning: The 200 doors to the world’s busiest station start to rise and they won´t close for the next twenty- one hours. This signals the start of the morning rush hour and requires a logistics process that is perfectly in sync.

Nobody knows this kind of challenge as good as Hidehiko Moriyama, he is the station master of the biggest train company of the city. His team are the eyes and ears of the entire station. Cutting-edge technology allows them to keep an eye on everything from behind the scenes.

When the day is almost over for some, another team is just about to start its shift. At night, everything happens at the same time. The teams work against the clock. The window in which there are no passengers or trains on the tracks is a mere three hours long.

Repairs and work on the tracks must not disrupt the traffic flow under any circumstances. This would cause too much chaos. So, before the first guest arrives back in the morning, any sign of construction work disappears completely. It’s as if nothing had happened.


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