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52 Views· 22 June 2024

The Hidden Danger Inside Your Medicine Cabinet



Amid a torrent of drug and product recalls from Big Pharma and consumer giants, the name of a tiny lab in Connecticut keeps popping up. Its name is Valisure, and its efforts to warn consumers about potentially dangerous items have infuriated manufacturers and irked the federal regulator that they fund.

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The US Food and Drug Administration is supposed to make sure the medications we take are effective–and safe. But when a small independent lab in Connecticut called Valisure started testing popular drugs and health products, it turned up some alarming results–including carcinogens and other dangerous substances. You might think the FDA would welcome this information. Not so fast.

Bloomberg reporter Anna Edney joins Big Take to talk about how Valisure’s findings have shined a light on serious flaws in the way medications are tested and approved. Valisure CEO David Light talks with Wes about how his lab identifies harmful substances in products, and how the FDA responded when he came forward with his lab’s findings. Then Dr. Diana Zuckerman, President of the National Center for Health Research, stops by to answer the question: Is the FDA too close to the companies it oversees? Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/....podcast/the-tiny-lab

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0:00 - 1:37: Regulators and drug safety
1:38 - 2:46: Valisure’s independent testing
2:47 - 4:22: NDMA in Zantac
4:23 - 4:49: Future of drug safety
4:50 - 5:22: Benzene in personal care products
5:23 - 6:21: Valisure and the FDA
6:22 - 7:05: Testing for Benzene contamination
7:06 - 8:19: Future studies and shortages
8:20 - 8:53: Statements

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