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Switch it Up: Custom Keyboards #2


Welcome back to Switch it Up, a series where we take a look at custom mechanical keyboards from enthusiasts in the community.
This episode is sponsored by the Stream Deck XL: https://amzn.to/2Z7QKMW
⌨️ Thinkkwer ⌨️
Board: TGR x SINGA Unikorn
Plate: Fixed ISO layout in carbonfiber
Switches: Gateron Inks lubed with Krytox 205g0, Spring-swapped 63.5g SPRIT lubed w/ Krytox 106)
Stabs: Cherry clip-in (Clipped, Lubed)
Keycaps: GMK Modern Dolch
Extras: Coiled cable with LEMO connector

⌨️ Fedor S ⌨️
Board: SICK-68 3D Printed Case / Teensy 2.0
STL files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3478494
Switches: BSun Brown Switches
Stabs: Costar Stabs
Keycaps: eBay OEM Profile Keycaps

⌨️ Hedgey ⌨️
Board: Space65
Plate: Polish PVD Brass Plate
Switches: Zeal PC Helios lubed w/ Tribosys 3204
Stabs: GMK Screw-in (Clipped, Lubed, Band-aid Modded)
Keycaps: GMK Solarized Dark

⌨️ Miklschmidt ⌨️
Board: Keeb.io Quefrency 65%
Plate: Keeb.io Quefrency 65% Aluminum Plates
Switches: Kailh BOX Jades
Stabs: Cherry MX Stabs lubed w/ Finish Line teflon grease
Keycaps: Mixed sets

⌨️ Krelbit ⌨️
Board: TGR Jane V2, Custom Kintsugi Anodization
Plate: Brass Stock Plate
Switches: 72g MX Zilent lubed w/ Krytox 205g0
Stabs: Zeal Stabilizers lubed w/ Krytox 205g0
Keycaps: JTK Yolch

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