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Why Melted Bugs On Candy And Lemons Fuel A $167 Million Industry | Big Business


Daniel Chyi
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Shellac is a natural resin that comes from tiny insects harvested off tree branches in India. Indians have valued the bug for 3,000 years for its versatility. Once processed and melted, shellac can be used as a powerful red dye, a glossy wood finisher, and a shiny coating to citrus fruit and candies such as jelly beans, Whoppers, and Junior Mints. But the farmers who have depended on these miniature bugs for generations say their crops are at risk.

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0:00 - Intro
0:59 - How Lac Bugs Are Harvested
2:48 - How The Factory Makes Shellac
5:31 - How Workers Use Their Teeth To Make Sheets
7:03 - How Shellac Became A Huge Industry
8:30 - The Future Of Shellac
9:58 - Credits

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Why Melted Bugs On Candy And Lemons Fuel A $167 Million Industry | Big Business | Business Insider

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