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79 Views· 24 June 2024

Stock traders VS Crypto traders at a family dinner



This Crypto meme video is about a doomer, zoomer and chad who are having a fight about whether stocks or crypto are better than one another. Boomer dad gets mad by them fighting and doomer tries to convince both of the power of pennystocks. none of the traders seem to be making more than their sister though.

Any feedback on my videos is welcome in the comments! I’m a new kid on the block who likes making doomer, boomer, zoomer etc. memes, and it would be epic if one day I can become as great as Bizonacci, Dustin O’daffer or MillenniaThinker. Your feedback really helps me in improving my meme animations.




Make sure to message me when you donate to me so I can thank you personally. I appreciate your donation a lot and will use it in the crypto battle against the Bogdanoffs.

Music used:
Ellie's Home Stretch - The Great North Sound Society
Kevin Macleod - Sneaky Snooper
Jason shaw - Brokers Blues (audionautix.com)

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