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TESLA Cybertruck US Factory🚘Inside Secret Billion $ Gigafactory {+ Crash Test analysis}

Daniel Chyi
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Tesla Cybertruck USA Production line [Giga Texas] Documentary. Crash Test & Assembly line step by step. Manufacturing process by Hands and Robots. Producing a battery electric full-size pickup truck called 'CYBERBEAST'

🚙How much will Tesla Cybertruck cost?
Starting at $60,990, Tesla's Cybertruck is priced 50% higher than initial estimate. Tesla's long-delayed Cybertruck will be priced starting at $60,990, over 50% more than what CEO Elon Musk had touted in 2019 and a cost analysts have said will draw select, affluent buyers.

🚙How much can a Cybertruck go?
While battery capacity isn't disclosed, the company says it's good for 320 miles per charge. However, you can opt for an additional battery pack that sits in the bed to crank that range to 440 miles per charge. This powerful truck can spring to 60 in only 2.6 seconds and hits a max speed of 130 mph.

🚙Is the Cybertruck available in Europe?
Tesla's Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, confirmed for TopGear Netherlands that the Cybertruck will likely never make it to Europe.

00:00 Tesla Cybertruck Production
00:46 Cybertruck Crash Test
01:12 Cybertruck Pricing
01:28 Factory tour from start to finish

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