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Why Matsusaka Wagyu Is The Most Expensive Beef In The World | So Expensive

Daniel Chyi
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Grown exclusively in the Mie prefecture in Japan, Matsusaka cattle are raised so their fat achieves the lowest melting point possible. The finest cuts of Matsusaka wagyu have a melting point of 12 degrees Celsius, 8 degrees less than Kobe. These cows are so valuable that in 2002 one fetched 50 million yen, over $330,000, at auction. These high prices are not about just how the cows live, but how long. In the quest for the ultimate marbling, farmers in Matsusaka are gambling with fate as they try to extend cows' lives above their average lifespans, at the risk of killing them prematurely. So, is it worth raising cattle for too long? And why is Matsusaka wagyu so expensive?

00:00 - Intro
01:15 - Welcome to Ito Ranch
02:46 - The old practice of feeding cows with beer
04:12 - Fattening: what the cows eat
05:48 - The dangers of long-term fattening
06:29 - The Queen of Matsusaka
06:52 - Purifying cattle with an alcohol massage
07:36 - How Hiroki selects calves
08:43 - Matsusaka wagyu is sold abroad for the first time
10:11 - Restaurant exclusivity
10:52 - Outlook for the future
12:02 - Credits

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