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Inside one of Eichler's Iconic homes in Sacramento | House tour


Daniel Chyi
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When Jeff and Zann had the chance to purchase an Eichler home off-market they jumped at the opportunity. They currently reside in the South Land Park tract that was designed by Architects Jones and Emmons and Developed by the visionary Joseph Eichler in the 1950s and 1960s which stands as an enduring symbol of post-war optimism and innovation in housing.

Jeff and Zann have really stayed true to the design of the home and haven't changed much as they love and respect the design. Now being a historically designated neighborhood, South Land Park will now live as a more uninterrupted neighborhood for years to come. Beyond their architectural significance, Eichler homes are also prized for their sense of community. The South Land Park tract was designed with communal green spaces and pedestrian-friendly streets, fostering a strong sense of neighborhood cohesion and social interaction among residents.

Today, The Sound Land Park tract remains a highly desirable area, attracting homeowners who appreciate its architectural heritage and modernist aesthetic. Many of these homes have been carefully preserved or restored, maintaining their original charm while incorporating contemporary amenities for modern living. As such, the neighborhood continues to inspire admiration and fascination among architecture enthusiasts and homeowners alike, serving as a living testament to Joseph Eichler's enduring legacy.

Film - Mick Aure @miccck
Producer - Elias Tebache @SoCalArchitecture
Music - Aaron Tebache @Aarontebache
Photography - Sterling Reed @Sterlingreed.us

Special Thanks - Jeff Roush and Zann Gates

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