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212 Views· 15 June 2024

Calvin Klein - This is Love: Hair Stylist Holli Smith and Pony Didn’t Expect This… (Pride, 2022)



This is one of eight videos that were released by CK for Pride 2022 in the campaign "This Is Love". It celebrates chosen families within the LGBT+ community and features the brand’s new collection, a reimagined approach to Pride.

"Holli Smith and Pony are family. They met online, it was anonymous and exciting. Their only definite plans are being together. This is Love

Discover chosen family stories, explore the full pride campaign and shop the collection now: https://calvin.re/pride-yt

Photography: John Edmonds
Videography: Alima Lee"

Read my article about CK for Marketing the Rainbow: https://www.marketingtherainbo....w.info/case%20studie

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