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Ozzy Man Reviews: Canadian Cobra Chickens


Here's me critical analysis of Canada's apex predator, the Cobra Chicken. Use code "cobrachicken" at https://www.ozzymanshop.com for 10% off everything storewide! Valid until the end of May, 2021.

Here's the cheeky sauces:

1. Pony Hugs Man (Jukin Media) https://tinyurl.com/47bwpa75
2. Cat Bullies Dog (Jukin Media) https://tinyurl.com/4up6tkxw
3. Goose Attacks Drone (Jukin Media) https://tinyurl.com/ykvrjep2
4. Goose Kayak Fall https://tinyurl.com/dhaupzuw
5. Traffic Jam Swan (Jukin Media) https://tinyurl.com/3we39xks
6. Goose Attacks Kid (Jukin Media) https://tinyurl.com/5kd369ds
7. Goose Races Car (Jukin Media) https://tinyurl.com/ywatmp37
8. Goose vs Tiger @everythingisone1 https://tinyurl.com/b7kaxhrt
9. Swan Uses Crosswalk (Jukin Media) https://tinyurl.com/ns54v9fm
10. Gorilla vs Goose @SedgwickCoZoo https://tinyurl.com/2w5fctmc
11. Geese Street Fight Submitted by Michael Bonin
12. Goose Attacks Cameraman https://tinyurl.com/4w4swrxj
13. Swan Holds up Trai https://tinyurl.com/fz527tca
14. Swan Attacks Lady @Sam Belley https://tinyurl.com/ay9h6etv

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