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10 Views· 03 November 2023

The Volvo EX30 Is A Bargain Baby Polestar!



Jack takes a look at Volvo's new smallest, cheapest, fastest and greenest car: the all-electric EX30. Boasting state of the art EV architecture courtesy of parent company Geely's, along with a stylish, sustainable interior all while wearing a price tag over £10,000 less than its closest rivals, could this be the best value family EV when it arrives later this year?

00:00 Exactly the car we've been waiting for!
01:19 Exterior walk around
02:42 Geely's SEA platform
03:25 Battery, range, price
04:40 A mini China rant
06:02 Back end & boot space
07:13 Interior tour
10:40 Jack back seat test
12:31 More smaller batt EVs!

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