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Inside A 2-Story Home Built Out of SHIPPING CONTAINERS


Daniel Chyi
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Shipping container homes have gained popularity due to their sustainability, affordability, and modern aesthetic. Here’s a detailed look inside a 2-story home constructed from shipping containers, showcasing its unique design, functional spaces, and eco-friendly features.

#### **1. Exterior Design**

**Modern and Sleek Appearance**:
- **Facade**: The exterior of the home is composed of several shipping containers stacked and arranged in a thoughtful design, often painted or clad in materials like wood or metal to enhance the visual appeal.
- **Windows and Doors**: Large windows and sliding glass doors are strategically placed to allow for natural light and ventilation. The use of glass provides a modern look and connects the interior with the outdoor surroundings.
- **Decks and Balconies**: Outdoor living spaces such as decks and balconies are added, often made from recycled materials, offering areas for relaxation and entertainment.

#### **2. Ground Floor**

**Open Concept Living Area**:
- **Living Room**: The living room is spacious and designed for comfort, featuring modern furniture, a large sofa, and multimedia equipment. The open layout makes the space feel larger and more inviting.
- **Kitchen**: The kitchen is equipped with contemporary appliances, ample counter space, and storage. The use of stainless steel and wood elements creates a sleek and functional cooking area.
- **Dining Area**: Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area typically features a large table that can accommodate family and guests. The integration of dining and kitchen areas fosters a communal atmosphere.

**Additional Rooms**:
- **Home Office or Guest Room**: A flexible space that can be used as a home office or a guest bedroom. Equipped with a desk, storage solutions, and a convertible sofa or bed.
- **Bathroom**: A full bathroom with modern fixtures, including a shower or bathtub, toilet, and vanity. The use of space-saving design ensures all amenities fit comfortably.

#### **3. Second Floor**

**Private Living Spaces**:
- **Master Bedroom**: The master bedroom offers a peaceful retreat, complete with a queen or king-sized bed, built-in wardrobes, and access to a private balcony. The design often incorporates large windows to enhance the connection with the outdoors.
- **Ensuite Bathroom**: Attached to the master bedroom, featuring luxurious fixtures, a double sink, a spacious shower, and elegant tiling.
- **Additional Bedrooms**: One or two additional bedrooms that can be used for children, guests, or as hobby rooms. Each room is designed to maximize space and functionality.

**Multi-Functional Spaces**:
- **Lounge Area**: A secondary lounge or family room provides a cozy space for relaxation and entertainment. This area can also be adapted for various uses, such as a play area for children or a reading nook.
- **Laundry Room**: Equipped with a washer, dryer, and storage for laundry supplies. Efficient layout ensures laundry tasks are managed conveniently.

#### **4. Sustainability Features**

**Eco-Friendly Elements**:
- **Insulation and Temperature Control**: High-quality insulation ensures the home is energy efficient, maintaining comfortable temperatures year-round. Windows are often double-glazed to enhance insulation.
- **Solar Panels**: Many shipping container homes incorporate solar panels on the roof to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and lower utility bills.
- **Rainwater Harvesting**: Systems to collect and use rainwater for irrigation and household use, promoting water conservation.
- **Recycled Materials**: The use of recycled and sustainable materials throughout the home minimizes environmental impact and promotes eco-conscious living.

#### **5. Interior Design and Decor**

**Modern and Functional Decor**:
- **Minimalist Aesthetic**: Clean lines, neutral color palettes, and minimalistic furniture define the interior design. This approach maximizes the sense of space and creates a calm, uncluttered environment.
- **Customization**: Each container home is highly customizable, allowing homeowners to tailor the design to their personal tastes and needs. Options for built-in furniture, unique lighting fixtures, and custom storage solutions are commonly included.
- **Green Spaces**: Incorporating indoor plants and small green walls enhances the indoor environment, improving air quality and adding a touch of nature to the living spaces.

### Conclusion

A 2-story shipping container home offers a unique blend of modern design, sustainability, and functionality. These homes provide an innovative solution for eco-friendly living without compromising on comfort and style. By repurposing shipping containers, homeowners can enjoy a distinctive and customizable living space that stands out for its creativity and environmental consciousness.

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