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3 Views· 05/09/23

I drove Ukraine's crazy off-road monster!


This is the SHERP N 1200, and it just might be the craziest, most hardcore off-world car in the world!

Now based on performance stats alone, you may not think the SHERP sounds that impressive. After all, it’s powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine that can produce 55hp and 190Nm of torque. In terms of weight, it also comes in at around 2,200kg.

However, don’t let the stats deceive you - the SHERP can handle even the hardest of off-road terrains… So of course, Mat’s going to put it to the test!

We’ve lined up a series of four challenges for Mat to put the SHERP through. It’ll start off with a muddy trail with deep ruts, followed by driving over a field that’s covered in logs and tree stumps. Following that it’ll be put to the test on a lake where it can FLOAT on water, and finally it’ll drive up a hill covered in boulders!

The ability of this vehicle has to be seen to be believed! The only question is, will Mat break it?! You’ll need to keep watching to see for yourself!

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