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Japan in 8K ULTRA HD - Land of The Rising Sun (60 FPS)

This 8K video has 41 clips showcasing nature, cities, rivers, and more. It's perfect for entertainment, education, and can be used in various settings like homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels.

0:00 - Stunning view of Mount Fuji, a majestic mountain in Japan during winter season.

0:08 - Matsuyama Castle in Japan, filmed during the sunrise, creating a beautiful golden hue.

0:19 - Toshogu Shrine Pagoda, a religious temple in Japan with intricate and colorful architecture.

0:24 - Sunrise at Lake Biwako, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The peaceful scene captures the reflection of the sun on the calm waters of the lake.

0:32 - Natural view of Geibi Gorge or Geibikei in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The gorge is surrounded by towering rock formations and lush greenery.

0:40 - Fushimi Inari Shrine or Fushimi Inari Taisha, a Shinto shrine in southern Kyoto, Japan. The shrine features thousands of red torii gates leading up to the top of the mountain.

0:44 - Buddha statue at Tennoji Temple in Tokyo, Japan. The golden statue shines brightly in the sunlight.

0:51 - Time-lapse of Tokyo near Hamamatsucho at night, showcasing the city's bright lights and bustling streets.

0:58 - Drone view of Mount Yōtei, a mountain in Japan during winter season, covered in snow.

1:05 - Tombstone Fushimi Inari in Japan, a serene and peaceful scene with cherry blossom trees in the background.

1:11 - Japanese different kinds of traditional foods, a tantalizing display of mouth-watering dishes.

1:17 - Green hills of Japan with rocky mountain, showcasing the natural beauty of Japan's landscape.

1:22 - Asian bamboo forest with sunlight in Japan, a tranquil and calming scene of the bamboo forest.

1:30 - Akihabara district at night in Tokyo, Japan. The district is known for its electronics shops and lively atmosphere.

1:37 - Sunrise at Lake Biwako, Shiga Prefecture, Japan (Part 2), capturing the serene beauty of the lake at sunrise.

1:44 - Flower fields in Nakafurano, Hokkaido, Japan. The colorful flowers create a stunning display against the blue sky.

1:51 - Beautiful time-lapse view of Matsuyama Castle, showcasing the castle's grandeur and beauty.

1:59 - Motion time-lapse of an ancient Japanese bathhouse, a fascinating glimpse into Japan's history and culture.

2:06 - Epcot's Matsuriza Taiko Drummers, a performance showcasing traditional Japanese music and dance.

2:21 - Aerial view of Mount Yōtei, a mountain in Japan with a bird's eye view.

2:29 - Time-lapse of the whole Tokyo city view, showcasing the city's skyscrapers, bright lights, and bustling streets.

2:38 - Satetsu River of Geibi Gorge or Geibikei in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, capturing the beauty of the clear blue waters.

2:50 - Close-up view of Sakura flower (Cherry blossom), a stunning display of Japan's famous cherry blossoms.

3:01 - Tofukuji or Tofuku Ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. The temple features a beautiful garden and intricate architecture.

3:08 - Underneath view of a bamboo forest in Japan, a unique perspective of the tranquil and calming bamboo forest.

3:24 - Time-lapse of Tokyo Bay with a view of the Rainbow Bridge at sunset time, showcasing the beauty of Tokyo's waterfront.

3:35 - Kabukicho street at dusk in Tokyo, Japan, a lively and colorful street in Tokyo's Shinjuku district.

3:43 - People are crossing the intersection in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

3:54 - Time-lapse of Tokyo's whole city at night, showing the bustling city lights and the Tokyo Tower in the distance.

3:58 - A beautiful cherry blossom with a blue sky background, symbolizing the arrival of spring in Japan.

4:07 - Various traditional Japanese foods, such as sushi, tempura, and ramen, are showcased.

4:14 - The famous Shinto gate of Miyajima Island is captured during sunset.

4:20 - The red Shinkyo Bridge in Nikko, Japan, is featured as the entrance to a sacred area.

4:25 - The red and gold architecture of a Tokyo pagoda temple is illuminated at night.

4:29 - Sharks swimming in a water tank at Osaka Aquarium are captured in close-up.

4:37 - The Tokyo skyline at twilight is seen from the Mori Museum.

4:44 - A time-lapse of Osaka Bay at night, featuring the bright lights of the ferris wheel and other attractions.

4:51 - The Izu Velodrome Olympic cycling venue in Izu, Shizuoka, Honshu, Japan.

4:59 - A stunning winter view of Mount Fuji, covered in snow and surrounded by clouds.

5:08 - Another glimpse of the intricate and beautiful Buddha statue at Tennoji Temple in Tokyo, Japan.

5:13 - Ending title

This video created for entertainment informative, educational purposes

Music Credits:
Chinese Music - Ancient China
Link - https://youtu.be/oX9dp4XStqU?list=RDMMoX9dp4XStqU
Youtube channel - World Music OFCL
Link - https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UC0Cf21ahxlbODHpQk
Thumbnail Credit - shutterstock

Copyright Disclaimer:
That all the footage used in this video is licensed and subject to copyright under the standard license.

email: durbar0321@gmail.com

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