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53 Views· 11 June 2024

I Used Every Ballon d'Or Winner


Matthew Brandon
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"Welcome to 'I Used Every Ballon d'Or Winner in FIFA 22'! In this exciting series, we pay homage to football's greatest legends by assembling a dream team composed of every Ballon d'Or winner in history. From Pelé and Cruyff to Messi and Ronaldo, we'll bring these iconic players to life in FIFA 22 and put them to the ultimate test on the pitch. Can this squad of footballing legends dominate the game and achieve unparalleled success? Join me as we explore the legacy of the Ballon d'Or winners and their impact on FIFA 22.

Series Overview:
In this series, we build a team featuring every Ballon d'Or winner available in FIFA 22. We'll highlight their individual brilliance, craft a cohesive unit, and tackle various challenges to showcase their extraordinary skills. Expect legendary gameplay, strategic team building, and an immersive journey through football history.

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