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Spinsational Animator Disc Spinner ~ Incredible Science


Find us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/IncredibleScienceToys Create animated moving pictures with just a quick spin of the Spinsational Animator Disc Spinner. With 24 different Spinsational discs including original, blacklight responsive and create your own, you can bring animations to life anytime you want!

You control the animations and speed, so that you start with a blurred image and by using just one finger, you can make your animation move forward, backwards, fast, slow or even stand still!

The Spinsational Animator is a blast from the past using a toy from yesterday combined with today's technology. Animation is is all around us, whether it be on a TV or in the movie theater, animation captures the child in all of us and wins our hearts.

12 White Light Animation Discs
6 Black Light Animation Discs
6 Color-Your-Own Animation Discs

Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

Explore how light and images are perceived by the eye and brain while using the kaleidoscope
Discover the world of patterns and geometry, optics, light and more!
A great companion to any lesson on light, optics and vision as well as a fun optical illusion.
Optical illusions and optics can be taught using this great visual tool.

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