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61 Views· 16 June 2024

40 MINUTE UPPER BODY WORKOUT - Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Back | Complex Series - Day 2



Shoulders! Back! Chest! Arms! Core! A demanding 40 minute upper body workout using primarily dumbbells for resistance to build strength and muscular endurance! Focus and intensity will be needed!

Rowing, pressing, curling, raising and pushing combined to work the entire upper body!

For this upper body workout, you will need a pair of dumbbells and your mat! A yoga block/thick book is an option for the single side renegade rows to place non working side on but this is not necessary! It will allow for more stability and greater range of movement!

The dumbbells I am using for your reference are 15kg each and 8kg each.

Each complex is performed for 3 minutes duration with 30 seconds rest in between before moving to next complex!

Bent over row x10
Push ups x10

Chest press x15
Diamond press x15

Renegade row x10
Same side supine row x10

Renegade row x10
Same side supine row x10

Arnold press x10
Alternating lateral raise x10

Flyes x10
Diamond press x10

One side shoulder press x5
Curl to press x5

One side shoulder press x5
Curl to press x5

Skullcrusher x10
Tricep press x10

Shoulder press x5
Bent over row x5
Push ups x5

I felt amazing after this!! That will be our legs and upper body completely worked over the last two days!!

I hope you love the format of this session… if I know you, you will!!!


Always ensure you warm up before any workout. Here’s my 5 Min Warm Up Routine: https://youtu.be/c0VxUFHdYzs

Here’s today’s optional add-on: https://youtu.be/KzBZ02EAJvE

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