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Siksa Neraka (2023) Indonesian Horror Movie With English


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Siksa Neraka (2023) Indonesian Horror Movie With English
Four siblings go missing and wake up in the afterlife, undergoing punishment for their worldly sins in the depths of hell.
Siksa Neraka is the latest horror film from Joko Anwar, the acclaimed director of films such as The Raid, The Raid 2, and The Night Comes for Us. The film is based on a comic book by M. B. Rahimsyah, and it tells the story of four brothers who are trapped in hell after a tragic accident. The film promises to deliver a terrifying and gruesome experience that will shock and disturb the viewers.

The plot of Siksa Neraka is simple but effective. It follows the journey of Saleh, Fajar, Tyas, and Azizah, four brothers who live in a remote village with their strict father, an Islamic scholar. One night, they decide to sneak out of their home and explore the nearby forest, unaware that they are heading towards a dangerous river. As they are swept away by the current, Saleh wakes up in hell, where he faces unimaginable horrors for his sins. He tries to find his brothers and escape from hell, while also uncovering the secrets of his father’s past.

The themes of Siksa Neraka are relevant and thought-provoking. The film explores the concepts of sin, repentance, forgiveness, justice, and redemption. It also questions the nature of good and evil, heaven and hell, and human nature. The film does not shy away from showing the consequences of one’s actions and choices in life.
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