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Funny Cartoons Parodies | Chef's Dish | TOP 14 Episodes

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Cartoons from the video - @frameorder
Monster In The Nursery And Other Episodes Of Soap Films Parodies - TOP 15 Best - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43EF9ljtlbw&list=PLJ01JLv2Y606r68Ul0FQpz0ITu4HSuz5F&index=1&ab_channel=BagiBagi

Today a new selection of cartoon parodies is coming out especially for you! Subscribe to our channel and include a new video. Stay tuned for new episodes and don't forget to hit the bell under the video.

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00:00 Frog and Crown
00:18 Chef's Dish
00:49 Something Went Wrong
01:37 A Date with a Dwarf
02:11 Baby in a basket
02:26 A Date with a Werewolf
03:03 The Apple is not for its intended purpose
03:29 Spiderman
04:01 Superman's Ice Cream
04:22 Execution of the cook
05:12 King Kong and the Beauty
05:43 Grandfather and grandmother at a session
06:29 Tooth Fairy
07:30 Dog and Grandma

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